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  • Visual Studio “collapse solution” extension

    Posted on September 2nd, 2010 Thibaut No comments

    Have you ever been annoyed by the expanded projects and items in Visual Studio, and lost so much time in collapsing them all manually ? Sure you do, especially if, like me, you have the track active item option checked (which highlights the current opened file in the solution explorer, resulting in automatic expanding of the parent project and namespaces). Wouldn’t it be great if you could right-click on the solution and select “collapse solution” ? You ain’t dreaming ;)

    First, click on Tools and select Extension Manager :

    Extension Manager

    Then, select Online Gallery in the left pane, start typing collapse in the search box and select the Collapse Solution extension. Restart Visual Studio and you’re done !

    Collapse solution

    Enjoy ;)


  • Getting Visual Studio 2010 search back

    Posted on August 16th, 2010 Thibaut 2 comments

    If you already worked using Visual Studio 2010, you surely noticed the new, simplified interface and the different code profiles that you can choose after the installation. As a result, you’ve got a bigger area to code and the toolbars are kept to the minimum (at least if you chose the code only profile like me).

    But the thing is that I’m addicted to the search box and it’s gone (maybe due to my config, but surely others had the same case)… Here’s how to get it back :

    • Step 1 : check that you’ve enabled the standard toolbar. To do this, right click in the toolbar area (top of the IDE) and select Standard

      VS2010 Standard Toolbar
    • Step 2 : go to the customize options of the standard toolbar by clicking on the little arrow at the rightmost of it.

      VS2010 Standard Toolbar customize option
    • Step 3 : click on the Add command button, go to the edit pane and add the find in files and go to find combo. Then use the move down button to rearrange the commands you’ve just added. Their standard place is just before the solution explorer command.

      VS2010 Standard Toolbar customize window
    • Final tips : here are 2 simple shortcuts that will maybe make you addicted to that search box. First, moving the mouse and clicking into it to put the focus each time you want to perform a search isn’t really productive. Try [ctrl] + [:]. It will automatically put the focus into it. Then type > of [fileName] and it will list for you all file occurences starting by the name you’ve just entered. The magic behind it is the following : the “>” sign transforms the search box into a command window, and “of” stands for “open file”. An essential trick !

      VS2010 Standard open file

    Make good use of it ;)