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  • Antipatterns

    Posted on April 5th, 2009 Thibaut No comments

    While reading Architecting Applications for the Enterprise, a book I’ve bought at the latest Techdays edition, I came accross an interesting notion : antipatterns. As the name suggests, an antipattern is just the contrary of a design pattern, which means that it’s something that leads you from a problem to a bad solution. Just a bad idea actually, but as you can find books and many other resources about design patterns - because they’re very useful and valuable - listing antipatterns can also be very interesting.

    You will find a antipatterns catalog here. Indeed, design patterns became a hot trend in the past years and many developers tended to use them just for the sake of using a pattern. But making your problem match a pattern will make you walk down the wrong way. Instead, you use a pattern because it can solve your current problem and if there is none, then it seems you’ve just found the right solution ;)