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  • Back from Thailand

    Posted on July 11th, 2009 Thibaut No comments

    A couple of days from now, I came back from Thailand (Phuket) and manage now to take some time writing a post about this beautiful country. Having stayed 2 weeks there, we (my fiancee and I) visited temples, local villages and towns like Patong, the national park and jungle, Phuket Fantasea and went diving at the Phi Phi islands (where the movie The Beach was shooted). A great trip which is better described with pictures than with words…

    Thailand temple
    The biggest Bouddhist temple in the region of Phuket

    Thailand temples
    Other Bouddhist temples around the big one

    Temple interior
    The interior of the main temple. I had to sit to take this pic, as the thais don’t allow you to be at the same (or higher) level as the Bouddha statue

    Chinese temple
    A chinese temple, which is quite different from the Bouddhist ones

    Patong, a town near Phuket, ideal place to do some shopping

    Bouddha statue in Patong
    Bouddhism has a huge place in the Thais’ lives. You will find many Bouddha altars like this one anywhere you go

    Thai food
    Thai food is delicious. Here, a Pad Thai, one of my favourite ones

    Thai art
    Thai art, really beautiful, has a worldwide reputation

    Thai architecture
    A typical example of Thai architecture, makes think about the japanese one because of the sharp roofs

    Rice culture
    A rice culture, of which Thailand is the biggest exporter of the world

    Elephants are also very typical in Thailand. The thais almost only use female ones to work because of their peacefulness, on the contrary of the males who can be dangerous

    Karon viewpoint
    The Karon View Point, featuring a landscape of a rare beauty

    Coconut monkey
    Thais train and use monkeys to fetch coconuts. Schools for monkey teaches them during 7 months how to recognize good coconuts and cut them off the tree

    Here, Linda, the 7-year-old monkey who performed the demonstration

    On the way to Phi Phi
    On our way to go diving in Phi Phi islands…

    So many beautiful things underwater @Phi Phi, here some colourful coral

    Sea snake
    A banded sea snake

    A moray hiding in the rocks

    Leopard shark
    A leopard shark, impressive and not dangerous because eating seaweed. I managed to get to 30cm from him, after that he swam over

    Me surfacing
    Me surfacing, pinching my nose for the decompression of my ears


    And this is it ! To conclude, I truly recommend this country which you must visit once in your life. And as thai people are almost all bouddhists - and they believe the more examplary way they live, the better they’ll reincarnate - they’re very kind, honest and warm people as a consequence.

    See you !

    - Thibaut