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  • Book review : Framework design guidelines

    Posted on October 9th, 2011 Thibaut 2 comments
    Framework design guidelines

    Co-written by two Microsoft employees at the time (Brad Abrams now working at Google), this book is actually a publication of Microsoft guidelines that were produced along the way during the development of the .NET framework. Targeted to a large audience – developers from all levels will learn from this book – you’ll learn how to design a high quality framework, which naming guidelines to apply, type and member design, how to design exceptions, guidelines on how/when to use common types and interfaces of the .NET framework, such as arrays, attributes, collections, serialization, etc. The book also explains the common design patterns of a framework and how to create a good API specification before coding your framework. Very clear and filled of comments of dozen of people participating in the development of the .NET framework, this book is an instant classic !


    • Very clear and instructive
    • Lots of guidelines commented by people working on the .NET framework, providing valuable information on how/when to apply those guidelines, when to break the rules, …
    • Developers of every level will benefit from this book


    • Nothing special, very good book in overall


    Excellent book. A must-read for every .NET developer.