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  • Book review : Learning WCF

    Posted on July 19th, 2010 Thibaut No comments
    Learning WCF

    For future challenges, I’ll have to learn WCF in deep, so I decided to start with this book. Next one will be Lowy’s Programming WCF services book, which covers WCF even more in depth. But let’s talk about the book I’ve just read (written by Michele Leroux Bustamante, Chief Architect of IDesign and colleague of Juval Lowy). I found it was a perfect book to start with WCF : introduction to SOA and its tenets, teaching of the key concepts of WCF such as contracts, bindings, hosting, instancing & concurrency, reliability, security and exceptions & faults. And to help you master these concepts, each chapter contains several labs where you can put into practice what you’ve just learnt. A very effective approach. Just note that this book doesn’t cover peer-to-peer protocols (which is done in Lowy’s book).


    • Great book, covers a lot of ground of WCF
    • The labs really help in mastering all the concepts


    • No cons for me. Just keep in mind that this book doesn’t cover peer-to-peer protocols


    I recommend this book which will give you a strong knowledge of WCF on which you can build upon with Lowy’s book if you want to go even further.


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