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  • Book review : WPF 4 training kit

    Posted on July 15th, 2011 Thibaut 3 comments
    WPF 4 training kit

    I bought this book with the only objective to pass the WPF4 MCTS exam and I aced it ! So, this official training kit did the job. But let’s talk about the content and some remarks. The book covers the various topics that you are required to know to pass the exam. Those can be found on the Microsoft website. At the end of each chapter, you find exercices – exam style – to test your knowledge. There’s also a CD containing a digital copy of the book (pretty convenient if you want to search for keywords in the book) but more importantly you can practice using a program under different modes. Basically, study mode allows you to target specific topics with no limitation in time while certification mode puts you in exam situation using a timer. So that’s definitely valuable tooling to prepare you for passing the exam.


    • Official training kit from Microsoft press, solely designed to make you pass the exam
    • Pragmatic and efficient approach, much easier to study with than the MSDN (which I used first when this book wasn’t released yet)
    • Did the job : I aced the exam scoring 90%


    • Some errors in the book (minor though)
    • Some questions on the program related to topics that are not covered in the book


    Valuable resource to help you pass the exam. Although, to make sure you pass it, don’t only rely on the book as the exam requires real experience that you cannot acquire by just reading. I also had questions during the exam about stuff that wasn’t covered in the book, so make sure you don’t limit your study to this book. I also read WPF4 Unleashed which was useful, you can find my review here. Good luck ;)



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