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  • Javascript - précis & concis

    Posted on July 13th, 2009 Thibaut 1 comment
    Javascript - précis & concis Javascript - précis & concis (in french) is a little, yet very interesting book for the beginner as well as for the expert in javascript. This multi-purpose book enables you to discover or improve your javascript knowledge in a fast and effective way. Covered chapters include the following :

    • Introduction to Javascript (syntax, instructions, object oriented javascript, regular expressions, …)
    • Client-side Javascript (the Document and Window objects)
    • The DOM
    • DHTML
    • Event handling
    • Dealing with security issues
    • A reference of the Javascript API


    • A small book enabling you to cover the main parts of Javascript in a fast way
    • Very concise but well explained
    • Useful for the beginner (intro to Javascript) as well as for the expert (API reference)
    • Variety of the topics, giving you a nice global knowledge
    • A reference of the Javascript API, which is very useful for further consultation
    • The kind of book I like to read now : concise, fast and great added value. Because technologies are a vast and ever changing domain, we don’t always have time to read bricks of 2.000 pages


    • Might not be easy for the new comers (shows code but won’t explain to them how to create the HTML document to contain it, doesn’t define some abbreviations such as API, …). Ok for the beginners having basic Javascript notions
    • Some errors of translation (some Javascript functions or reserved keywords are translated into french)
    • Don’t expect from each chapter to dig deep as this is a small book (but not really a con in itself)


    Definitely an interesting book from which anyone will learn. Serves as a training book as well as a reference but of course won’t replace a bigger, more complete book, but who will also take much more time to read…



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