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  • CSS 2

    Posted on March 4th, 2009 Thibaut 1 comment
    CSS 2 CSS 2 - Pratique du design web is a french book that I’ve read recently. The author, RaphaĆ«l Goetter, is known for being the founder of, a very interesting website containing many tutorials about web development. As the title suggests, this book is completely dedicated to CSS 2 and its good practises. Before reading this book, I already had a good knowledge of CSS. By good knowledge, I mean that I could do almost what I wanted to obtain some layout, sometimes in the good way but also sometimes in the bad one. And this is why I foud this book so valuable : this book taught me the good way to do things in CSS. If you still use tables for page layouts or menus, then this is a reading for you ! You think that the tags <em> and <i>, or <b> and <strong> are just two different ways to do the same thing ? Then you should also consider reading this book. Below, the pros and cons of the book :


    • Brings you back to the browsers war of the 90’s and thus to the root of multi-browser optimization problem
    • Emphasizes the importance of W3C, the respect of the standards and website accessibility
    • Teaches you essential techniques, such as the tableless design
    • Comprehensive : fonts, typography, colors, alignment, css for screen or print, …
    • Introduces the main bugs of most popular browsers and workarounds
    • Interesting approach : all along the book, you keep building a complete - real world like - website as you learn new concepts


    • A bigger book would have been interesting in order to cover even more aspects of CSS (more real-wold cases)


    I found this reading very interesting and valuable, even though I had a good knowledge of CSS. This is a book I would definitely recommend to anyone involved in web development.



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