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  • AJAX tête la première

    Posted on March 4th, 2009 Thibaut 2 comments
    Ajax tête la première Ajax tête la première, or the equivalent in english Ajax head first, introduces you to dynamic and asynchronous UI development. In this book, you will not only learn how Ajax works (XmlHttp, aynchronous requests, callbacks, …) but also how to make effective use of it into your webpages with DOM, JSON, XML, etc… Through multiple application examples, the authors let you put into practise the theory following an interesting incremental approach. Starting with a very basic application, you will add blocks that will transform it into a reactive and modern one, with security issues - such as Sql injection - kept in mind. Below the pros and cons of this book :


    • Very clear and well explained book (head first collection reputation)
    • Iterative approach : introduces basic concepts, then new ones through refactoring of previous code examples
    • Originality of examples : surf shop, the chaos project, …
    • Interesting chapter about the Document Object Model (DOM)
    • Also deals with security issues (Sql injection, …)
    • Briefly introduces the main javascript libraries and frameworks, such as script.aculo.usprototype and dojo


    • I found the beginning too long (in fact too easy)
    •  Some minor errors in the book, including technical ones


    I really appreciated this reading, which I found very original and very instructive at the same time. Covered topics, including Ajax basics, Javascript, Xml, Json, Dom and security will give you a strong starting point to go further in Ajax development. A must have.



    2 responses to “AJAX tête la première”

    1. Would be nice to have a link to Amazon to this book !
      Nice design by the way !

    2. Hi Pierre-Emmanuel,

      Indeed, I planned to link to the Amazon page of the book. But unfortunately, it’s no more sold : the official FR website of O’Reilly closed, and so did Tête la première. The equivalent in english, Head First, remains hopefully alive. For future reviewed books, I’ll try to post my review on the amazon website in addition to a link if the book is available there.

      About the new design : glad you like it ! Seems that the hours playing with CSS paid off :)