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  • Using Google Docs to translate your projects

    Posted on January 30th, 2011 Thibaut 75 comments

    At work, we’re currently building a business application using Silverlight 4. One of the requirements is the support of multiple languages. Google Docs proves to be very useful in this context. Just create a spreadsheet, and using GoogleTranslate formulas, you’ll get your translations.

    First step : create a new spreadsheet

    Google docs

    Second step : create GoogleTranslate formulas

    Google translate

    Use the formula below to obtain your translations. More info on the official documentation page.

    =GoogleTranslate(”text”, “source language”,”target language”)


    While you shouldn’t rely at 100% on these translations when putting your application into production (to have correct translations, you need a context and the best way is still to get your translations from a person or company specializing into that), Google Docs is a very useful tool for the development stage. This way, you can test that your multilanguage support works correctly without having to wait for translations to be completed by third parties.