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  • ReMIX 09 @ Brussels : Summary

    Posted on October 7th, 2009 Thibaut No comments


    This last 29th of September was organized at Kinepolis Brussels the 2009 edition of the ReMIX, which is a one-day summary of the MIX edition (held last March in Las Vegas).

    Two session tracks were available : the Web developer track and User Experience (UX) track. But before this, an introduction was given by some well-known people of Microsoft belgium.


    By Luc Van de Velde, Katrien De Graeve, Gill Cleeren, …

    Here are some key points of the presentation :

    • A demo of the Microsoft Web Platform Installer by Katrien De Grave. More info on her blog post about it
    • Demos of Silverlight 3 new features : smooth streaming, rich media capabilities, SEO & deep linking, improved performance, …
    • Zendster, the first belgian web hoster to provide smooth streaming for Silverlight
    • Companies (such as Elia) performing demos about their Silverlight apps for critical, line-of-business applications
    • A demo of SketchFlow by Arturo Toledo
    • Interviews of companies reflecting the important shift towards UX, which is given more and more importance
    • VTM news (a dutch television company) is using Surface, manipulating a newspaper as a support for presenting news but also to present election results

    • A demo of the Surface application of Belgian Beer Cafe, featuring a wonderful background simulating beer liquid and providing infos about the beers you put on the table. Check out the video below :
    • The launch of WebsiteSpark, an Microsoft initiative for providing training, free licences for small companies, etc

    Session #1 : Prototyping with Sketchflow

    User Experience (UX) track
    By Arturo Toledo

    • No slides, live demo of prototyping an app using SketchFlow
    • More than a mockup tool, SketchFlow allows you to make it behave a real app (and used as is)
    • Effects, such as transitions, can directly be set easily in SketchFlow. No need to code to get everything working (although you can write some if you want to fine-tune some stuff)
    • The user (typically the customer) can test his app mockup as it’s a classic Silverlight application
    • Comments can be drawn on the mockups or feedback can be written in a column next to the mockup screens

    • The flow of the application can be designed visually, creating transitions by linking nodes representing pages

    • The creation of datasources is very easy in SketchFlow. Indeed, in a typical mockup, you need to create dummy data (lorem ipsum for texts, fake names or numbers for forms or grids, etc). Such data can be autogenerated by defining the type of data we want (ex: price, date, text, …), which is a great save of time

    Session #2 : Building Amazing Business Applications with Silverlight and RIA Services

    Web developer track
    By Brad Abrams

    According to Brad Abrams, the must-haves for a great app is :

    1. Professional feel
    2. Rich data query
    3. Validating data update
    4. Authentication
    5. Different views (of the same data)
    • A little Silverlight application was built in a RAD fashion using Entity Framework, featuring a GridView, a form to add/update/edit values and Regex attributes on the properties (code behind) for validations
    • A SiteMap of the app was provided in Robots.txt for indexing by search engines. Different views (html pages) were provided for search engines bots to parse the content of the application

    Session #3 : Creating Silverlight Experiences with Blend 3

    User Experience (UX) track
    By Arturo Toledo

    • An Adobe Illustrator file was imported in Expression Design (a character in a spaceship)
    • Showed then how to build a custom control (a button with glossy effects, mouseover growing animation effect without coding, …)
    • Custom button fires an event, starting a storyboard to make the spaceship fly on the screen
    • Timeline manipulations are performed to make the spaceship make a U-turn before flying back to its original position

    Session #4 : ASP.NET MVC Wisdom : building a real-world app in 60′

    Web developer track
    By Maarten Balliauw

    This session covered the following points in ASP.NET MVC :

    • Validation
    • Templated helpers
    • Security
    • Routing

    Slides of the presentation are available below and source code here



    A very interesting event as you can tell, providing lots of news, demos and other stuff about RIA development in general. See you next year ;)


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