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  • Book review : WPF 4 Unleashed

    Posted on October 19th, 2010 Thibaut 68 comments
    WPF 4 unleashed Widely acclaimed as the best WPF 4 book out there, I decided to buy this book from Microsoft’s Adam Nathan to improve my WPF/Silverlight knowledge. This book really covers in great details almost every topic of interest in WPF : XAML, controls (user controls + custom controls), layout, panels, resources, data binding, styling & theming, 2D & 3D graphics, animation, audio, video, interoperability with non-WPF technologies and more… Presentation of the book is really nice also, in full color with coherent evolution from chapter to chapter. Just note that, because of its extreme completeness, this book isn’t suitable to learn WPF in a “fast & effective fashion”. It’s rather a reference book to keep near your computer to check specific information.


    • Great book, covers WPF really in deep
    • Full color, well organized book
    • You’ll learn a lot from this expert author who really knows his stuff


    • The biggest pro is the biggest con : so many details that it’s easy to lose your attention from core points
    • Some chapters cover advanced topics before basic ones (eg : “2D graphics” chapter covers PolyQuadraticBezierSegment in the first pages, way before Rectangle)


    I would definitely recommend this book, which is a must-have on your bookshelf if you’re a WPF/Silverlight developer. But if you’re a beginner looking for a quick-start book to make effective use of your time, you’d rather buy a less detailed book before buying this one !


  • Who’s your coach ?

    Posted on August 4th, 2009 Thibaut 3 comments

    For the french-speaking readers out there, Microsoft has launched the MSDN coachs program. You’ll find tutorials, screencasts and exercises about many topics such as Mobile and Web development, Silverlight, C#, Sql Server and many more. I really like the idea of going back to basics and learning the most important things, thus making effective use of your time. Some sections are still in development but growing every day. There is currently no english version but I guess it will be done in the future.

    Below, an overview of the coachs available for training. Click on the picture to go on the official site.

    MSDN coachs